About Us

Scorpion mousse changers was founded in 2007 by two Sidecar enduro racers Marc and Neil Rowlands. When they started the sport in 2003, they found it immensely difficult to put mousses into their tyres and as a result in their first race together they broke down because without realising they had broken the wire bead in their tyre, de-rimmed it and completely shredded their £100 mousse. After this disaster Marc decided that it was time he learnt how to change moussed tyres, and went to the Brittish solo enduro championship rounds especially to watch the top riders change their tyres at the end of the day and tried to find the best method. They bought a mousse changer and got the process of changing tyres down to 10-15 minutes but couldn't believe how awkward, even after a lot of modification, the mousse changers were. Since Neil was a steel fabricator they decided to set about designing and making their own mousse changer and after about twelve months of design and development they came up with a mousse changer that could take a moussed tyre with a rim lock off then back on in under 60seconds. Because mousse changing was now so easy they used it to their advantage when racing they turned their tyre at the beginning of a second special test to give them a good leading edge on their tyre, and they could easily change both their tyres in the time allocated at the end of a days racing where as most people struggle to change one. Because of peoples comments and enthusiasm towards the mouse changer they then decided to make a batch of five to sell and it progressed from there.